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READY, STEADY, MUSIC!  is an original, song-based resource using a series of high quality, professional recordings. Each carefully planned session takes about 15 minutes and is ideal for use with 2 - 4 year old learners in preschool settings and nursery classes. The resources are mapped against the EY learning goals, saving time for busy practitioners.

Kath Davies is an experienced music teacher who has a passion for making music accessible to all ages and abilities. Having worked with preschool music groups for over 15 years she has developed a successful model of delivery which introduces children to the joy of music making through songs, movement and the playing of simple instruments. 

Kath wants to equip early years practitioners to deliver music sessions confidently and without stress, in the context of their own settings. No previous experience is necessary, just a 'have a go' attitude and a readiness to see children engage, develop and learn through the power of music.

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“The children love their 'Ready, Steady. MUSIC!' sessions! They are always totally engaged throughout, especially those children who don't always join in. They especially enjoy using the instruments and keep asking to do music again! I often hear them singing 'Can you roar like a dinosaur?' in the outdoor play area, roaring and stomping with their peers! I would recommend this resource for preschool children (2 - 3 year olds) and nursery classes."

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Ruth Davies 3@Cradoc Pre-school

“Our children really enjoy 'Ready, Steady, MUSIC!' and it's easy to keep them engaged throughout the session. They love the dinosaur song and tapping their sticks to the music! The lesson plan is clear and describes easily what to do. Each song is related to the Early Years Outcomes Framework so that the planning is all done."

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Cariad a Cwtch Day Nursery, Llandovery

"Ready steady music is an excellent, bilingual resource for young children. The sessions support children to develop their confidence, language, physical and musical skills in a fun way. A must for early years practitioners and settings!"

"Mae 'Ready, Steady, Music!' yn adnodd dwyieithog, ardderchog i blant ifanc. Mae'r sesiynau hwyliog yn cefnogi plant i ddatblygu eu hyder, iaith a'u sgiliau corfforol a cherddorol. Adnodd hanfodol ar gyfer ymarferwyr a lleoliadau y blynyddoedd cynnar!"

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Sharon Hughes

Senior Foundation Phase Advisor, Powys

Uwch Athrawes Ymgynghorol y Cyfnod Sylfaen, Powys

"My daughter really loves the music sessions! She loves the innovative songs and playing the instruments and the elements of routine help her to feel confident within the group.

Her imagination is stimulated by the role play songs and she is happy to integrate with the other children in the circle. The pace of the session means that her interest is maintained and she has learned valuable skills such as turn taking and sharing alongside the musical concepts."


"The nursery class have taken quickly to the bright and tuneful songs which have been very professionally produced.  it is a joy to be teaching with material that uses acoustic instruments and singing of the highest quality. Lesson plans are clearly presented and easy to follow. The children are particularly fond of the Dinosaur Stomp!”

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Anne Brown, Glebe Primary School

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