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Happy St David's Day!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

When we arrived in Brecon in 1990 I had no idea how important March the 1st was to the people of Wales. Very early on our first St David's Day, i was waiting for the Welsh Flair Shop to open so that I could buy a Welsh hat and apron for my daughter to wear to school!

Eating Welsh Cakes, buying bunches of daffodils, folk dancing are always part of the celebrations...BUT the importance of singing songs in Welsh is what I want to address here.

Growing up in Wales, means that even now my daughters can break into,

"Braf yw bwyta, Brechdan gaws neu jam, Tost a marmeit, Crisps a salad ham, Byrgyr, sglodion...."

Any guesses as to the subject of this song?

Here at 'Ready, Steady, Music!' we know the power of song to develop language skills and that's why our resources are bilingual. What better way to improve your Welsh language skills than to sing about dinosaurs, bubbles or pirates?

If you are a Welsh learner then you can introduce the Welsh songs gradually, after you have become familiar with the English versions.

After a recent visit to a nursery setting, one practitioner said,

"Ready, Steady, Music!' has really helped with our Welsh as none of us are very confident in our Welsh speaking"

How can 'Ready, Steady, Music!' help the children in your setting develop their Welsh language skills?

  • We provide 5 complete music sessions in Welsh and English

  • We use simple, repetitive language patterns in our 'original' songs

  • We give you all of the songs as mp3 tracks in Welsh and English so that you never have to sing alone!

  • We write songs that children LOVE to move to, sing with and play instruments to

To listen to some of our songs in WELSH and ENGLISH

To join the 'Ready, Steady, Music!' community for free musical ideas for your nursery settings

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