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  • The brand NEW 'Ready, Steady, Music!' Singalong CD is perfect for a car journey or enjoying your own fun music session with your mini musicians at home.
  • 25 beautifully recorded, songs from the 'Ready, Steady, Music!' Resource Pack 1 (plus a few cheeky extras!).
  • Acoustic recordings with a lovely bit of cello!!
  • Perfect for babies through to 4 year olds....rhymes, songs, actions, instruments and bubbles!! Available as a download here

Price: £7.50

Shipping: Free P & P (UK only)

Format: 25 tracks on CD; 62 mins playing time

Performed by: Beth Allwood, Dan Allwood, Alan Davies, Kath Davies

'Ready, Steady, Music!' Singalong CD

  • 1.   Listen to the Tick Tock

    2.   Everybody Clap your Hands

    3.   This is the Way the Horses Trot

    4.   Tap your Sticks

    5.   Tap and Stop

    6.    Walking Through the Jungle

    7.    Five Little Monkeys

    8.    Flying

    9.    Peek-a-boo

    10.  Bobbing up and Down

    11.  Come on Everybody

    12.  Shake and Stop

    13.  Get on Board the Music Train

    14.  Five Little Men

    15.  One, two, three Little Bubbles

    16.  Tap your Sticks to the Rhythm

    17.  Little Sticks

    18.  Dinosaur Song

    19.  Five Little Ducks

    20.  All the Little Bells

    21.  Little Bells

    22.  Let's Go Driving in a Car

    23.  The Fishes Swim Under the Ocean

    24.  Pirate Song

    25.  Bang on the Drum

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