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Write a song with your mini musicians!

Hanging out with some very creative 4 year olds at the weekend, got me thinking....these #creativecontributors compose their own songs at the drop of a hat! Whizzing along on a scooter or exploring the great outdoors gives many opportunities for creating a rhyme or a song.

So why not take a 'deep dive' into composing a song with your early years learners

Here's an idea for this wonderful autumn season with all its treasures....

I picked up a sycamore seed and I just HAD to throw it up and watch it twirl and spin (never too old!) Why not go treasure hunting for sycamore seeds with your young explorers and then see what they do!

  • How do the seeds move? I wonder why they twist and turn? I wonder if we can move like that?

  • Use some of the words you collect and use a familiar tune like 'Frère Jacques' and play around with them.... 'Spinning, twirling x2, Sycamore seed x2 Like a helicopter x2 Flying free x2' or 'The wheels on the bus' 'The sycamore seeds can twirl and spin...just like me!

When you are happy with your new 'chart-topper' then sing away and don't forget to move as well...just like the amazing sycamore helicopters!

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