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So I bought me a book! 'Go, Go. Pirate Boat'(Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt) which you can sing to the tune of 'Row, row. row your boat' got me thinking about creative ideas for pirate music.

Here goes me hearties....

  • Experiment with different 'fillings' for a homemade ocean drum....reuse an old pizza box, apple pie box or an old plastic food storage box...try lentils (a very quiet sea) or pasta or little stones from your outside space....which sounds do your mini musicians prefer?

  • Make some seashell shakers...reuse a screw top container

  • Whip up a storm....make a pirate ship out of old boxes....get inside....use a piece of blue fabric to create the waves...ask the children to make the storm sounds on their ocean drums...or use a 'survival blanket'- start quietly and then go crazy!!

  • Can you make some scary shark music....little fingers on a small keyboard can play a white note followed by a black one for a 'Jaws' type tune followed by lots of 'Snaps!'...use 2 of your 'block play' pieces

  • Make a treasure chest...thread beads and make 'gold' coins....hide it away....or hide treasure in your sand tray....

  • Use sandpaper to make sand blocks...make a great sound when you rub them together

  • Walk the plank.....balancing is great fun and great for physical development

  • And binoculars, eye patches, treasure maps, Babybel pirate faces (Google it!)...oh I'm getting carried away........

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What a treasure chest of ideas! - Sounds like a lot of fun... :)

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