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Take your mini musicians outside!

Getting outdoors is just the best for the well-being, motivation, and physical development of our youngest learners. So let's explore how we can develop their creative skills through making music in the natural environment. 'Outdoor Classroom Day' always inspires us to get outside more, so here are a few ideas you can try....

Go on a sound walk

Use your voice memo app on your phone to record crunching leaves, water splashing, ducks quacking, tapping railings....take a quick photo too and then you can make a simple listening game for when you get back inside. Can we match the picture to the sounds? Create your own 'story' by sequencing the pictures and making the sounds to go with each part of the journey.

Sing songs

Many songs that you sing as part of your 'Ready, Steady, Music!' sessions are wonderful for an outdoor sing-song! 'Walking through the jungle' is perfect for mini explorers, so take the magnifiers outside and search for mini beasts or autumn treasure..the song might change to 'Going on a bug hunt, what do we see? I think I saw a woodlouse creeping happily!'

Create a sound wall

No need to buy expensive, outdoor equipment! Get some 'S' hooks (make sure they aren't the pointed ones!) so that you can change the sound sources and the children can find their own sound makers. Hang old saucepans, wind chimes, plastic buckets, or some classroom instruments that have seen better days. Play and explore alongside your learners using different 'beaters' to create different sounds.

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Once again, Ready Steady Music has produced a fab assortment of activities, this time inspired by autumn 🍁 brilliant 🍂!

Kath Davies
Kath Davies
Oct 30, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much I hope you have a lot of fun making music outside 👌🏼🎵

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