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Musical Fun for Autumn Days

What can you hear?

Five ideas for getting outside and making music

  1. Make piles of crunchy autumn leaves and hide some treasure. Sing our simple song...'Hiding, hiding who is hiding? Playing hide and seek! Listen here

  2. Use your autumn treasures to sing a counting song. 1, 2, 3 little conkers, 4, 5, 6 little conkers, 7, 8, 9 little conkers from the horse chestnut tree! Then count acorns from the old oak tree.....helicopters from the sycamore tree? You can sing it to the tune of our bubble song...check it out here

  3. Play a listening game...put some acorns or conkers or sycamore seeds in different boxes and sing our song 'Here's a box, what's inside? Listen!' (a scratch recording of the song can be found here)

  4. Collect sounds on an autumn walk (use your phone to record them) take a photo too and have fun matching the photos to the sounds. Try one we made earlier here

  5. Have some fun with your parachute! Take some of your autumn leaves and see if you can make them jump around? Sing a simple song such as 'Autumn leaves can jump around x3 Then they have to STOP!' (Tune: London Bridge is falling down) or use our song 'Shake and STOP!' to have some fun shaking leaves, conkers or acorns around on your parachute. Listen to our song here

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