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We're going on a horsie hunt!'

We all love the classic 'We're going on a bear hunt' by the fabulous Michael Rosen and here is a new take on that wonderful adventure.

Check out our new video 'We're going on a horsie hunt'!

It was great fun to make and we would love to encourage you to use it as a springboard to create your own story song.

You could go on a 'Dino Hunt' indoors or outdoors.....hide your child's favourite dinosaur in the garden or in the laundry basket and then the fun can begin! 'Stomping up the stairs...' or 'Tiptoe through the grass' ?

Here are a few tips for a creating your very own 'hunt' together with your mini musicians. Could be a great activity for homeschooling or for energising your daily walk together?

Share your 'story songs' with us on Instagram or Facebook?

Get in touch to tell us how you got on and what you would like future blogs to feature Email us:

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